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About 80% of people in the world play, watch or read about sports, so it is an effective platform for sharing the gospel. AIA currently has staff in 60 countries where we constantly strive to reach people with the gospel and to disciple them so they can reach others. In ⅓ of those countries we are focusing on a new paradigm to involve and equip more laborers for the harvest. The dual approach is to equip churches to reach their communities through sports ministry and to develop volunteer chaplains to minister to professional sports teams.

Adam, Jan 2020 Newsletter

Adam is the tall one. Piedad is on the right.

AIA staff member Adam K. recently traveled to Cali, Colombia, where he led the first sports chaplaincy conference there. At the 2008 Olympics, Adam met Piedad, the AIA country leader in Colombia. She has over 40 volunteers serving with AIA in her country. Adam partnered with Piedad to train over 20 new volunteer chaplains. Adam says, “I can’t imagine a finer group of like-minded Christ-followers to pioneer this new strategy in Colombia where we envision thousands more being raised up to point others to Jesus.”

“There is brokenness in sport,” Adam says. “Athletes are struggling in their personal lives and their personal development, and owners want their teams to have good reputations.” Because God has blessed, AIA is held in high regard around the world. Competing teams we have sent on mission trips have played a part, as have the good character and spiritual maturity of national staff members who have had much influence in the world of sports.

Adam, Jan 2020, group

AIA has provided chaplains for the Olympics since 1966 and chaplains for US pro teams, and we are praying for God’s favor and grace for international pro teams to agree to allow chaplains to serve them. We are trying to establish relationships with coaches, sports federation presidents, team owners and others to see sustainable, on-going ministry in countries around the world.

We will never have enough staff members to reach the entire world with the gospel, so creative ideas are required to involve more people in fulfilling the Great Commission to “make disciples of all nations.” Pray with us for more laborers.

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Praise God for Adam and others who are pouring out their lives to reach another generation for Christ around the world!
We appreciate your partnership. We love you!



You’re Sending Laborers

At Cru headquarters in Orlando stands a sign that reads: “Boldly proclaim Jesus Christ and His life-changing love and truth to every person, and urgently mobilize co-laborers for the global harvest.”


A few weeks ago, I (Karen) had the privilege of traveling to Cru’s headquarters to meet a group of about two dozen men and women from their 20’s to their 60’s who have responded to God’s call on their lives to proclaim the gospel all over the world. This newest group of staff met in Orlando to receive training to assemble a team of prayer and financial partners so that they can report to their assignments. They will be serving with Athletes in Action and eight other Cru ministries which all share the vision of building spiritual movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.


The AIA staff who participated are assigned to campuses in Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, Florida, Minnesota, Texas and Rhode Island. Because of their presence on these campuses, athletes will hear the gospel, be discipled and begin reaching their friends, their teams, their campuses and the world with the gospel.


I am working with a group of these new AIA staff to encourage, disciple and help them prepare to win, build and send multiplying disciples into the harvest. I love working with them, helping them to be accountable, cheering them on and encouraging them take leaps of faith and obedience to Jesus. They are taking initiative to reach out to everyone they know in the power of the Holy Spirit to invite them to be part of changing the world for the glory of God. This week I have heard comments from my interns like, “I really needed to hear that,” “Our conversation was a game changer,” and “I thank God for your help.” Thank you for helping us mobilize laborers for the harvest!


Interns in the midst of their training weekend.

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Your support impacts countless lives with the gospel every day!

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God’s Not-so-secret Weapon in Sports

Four years ago a Muslim basketball player became a Christian during an AIA  tournament held in Africa.  In 2009, by God’s grace, he attended AIA’s first International Basketball Coaches’ Academy held at our WTRC in Xenia, OH.  This month he will attend his third academy!  Today, he is the national coach for his West African country, which is predominately Muslim.  Through this academy and other AIA training, he has developed his skills as a basketball coach and life coach.  As a part of his national program, he leads a Bible study attended by several players.  Praise God for all He is accomplishing through young men just like him all over the world.

As of this posting, approximately 40 coaches are attending this year’s academy which will focus on developing their coaching skills and their spiritual life for two weeks.  Some are Muslim, and they are fully aware of what the academy is about; however, they have seen coaches who have attended the academy realize a certain level of success when they return to their respective homelands.

Please pray for openness to the truth of Jesus, for those who do not know Him to personally surrender their lives to Him, and for the impact they will have on universities around the world.

Learn more at the Annual International Coaches Academy

Two Days in September

On September 28th and 29th the AIA US Global Team met to come before the Lord and trust Him to reveal our role in fulfilling His Great Commission next year.  These two days were the genesis of what the Lord will accomplish in 2012 through our ministry.  Our team’s major goals in fielding projects around the world are to:

  • pioneer in countries where little or no ministry exists
  • aid international staff with established ministries

One example from last year’s planning was the East Africa project in Kenya and Rwanda.  By God’s grace, 1,200 people were exposed to the Gospel, 80 people committed their lives to Christ and 33 AIA volunteers committed to disciple others with help from AIA staff.

As AIA staff, we will help with project planning, development, and fulfillment; however, God works primarily through our volunteers, who become the face of Jesus Christ in this life-changing ministry.  Your partnership with us will help to provide these volunteers with unprecedented opportunities to be ambassadors for Christ. We, together with you, will help facilitate this ministry.   Thank you for being partners with us in sharing the gospel around the world!

Please pray for:

  • the Lord’s lead in developing our 2012 projects
  • our volunteers as the Lord prepares them
  • project resources
  • AIA staff as they develop each project
  • Rick and Karen to complete our support team (our status)

You are a Global Investor!

Yes, your portfolio is extensive.  AIA’s Global US team fielded 40 projects around the world in 2011.   These projects are not only changing the lives of people in these countries, but also the lives of college athletes and the adult volunteers who staff them.  Through this strategy, AIA has developed a ministry presence in 96 countries!  The philospohy of win, build, and send has resulted in 57 countries being led by nationals.

     We recently spoke with Ben T., AIA’s International/Global Director.  He is extremely excited about the opportunities AIA has globally.  By 2020, AIA’s goal is to see a Christ follower on every team, in every sport, in every nation.  We don’t know how the world itself will change, but sports has the power to change the world, as Nelson Mandela said (see About AIA).  When it’s coupled with the life changing message of Jesus, the world will be transformed.  “It’s a privilege to serve the Global Family of AIA as we trust God for what only He can do.  We are so thankful to have Rick and Karen join us.  They will be a tremendous blessing to the ministry around the world!”

Can you imagine the eternal return on our investment?