You are a Global Investor!

Yes, your portfolio is extensive.  AIA’s Global US team fielded 40 projects around the world in 2011.   These projects are not only changing the lives of people in these countries, but also the lives of college athletes and the adult volunteers who staff them.  Through this strategy, AIA has developed a ministry presence in 96 countries!  The philospohy of win, build, and send has resulted in 57 countries being led by nationals.

     We recently spoke with Ben T., AIA’s International/Global Director.  He is extremely excited about the opportunities AIA has globally.  By 2020, AIA’s goal is to see a Christ follower on every team, in every sport, in every nation.  We don’t know how the world itself will change, but sports has the power to change the world, as Nelson Mandela said (see About AIA).  When it’s coupled with the life changing message of Jesus, the world will be transformed.  “It’s a privilege to serve the Global Family of AIA as we trust God for what only He can do.  We are so thankful to have Rick and Karen join us.  They will be a tremendous blessing to the ministry around the world!”

Can you imagine the eternal return on our investment?


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