Talking w/ God

Next time you talk with God

Please pray for our family: (New in Italics)

  • Pray for Andrew and Laura as they start their lives together
  • Praise for Elizabeth’s leg healing well
  • Wisdom and endurance for Rick & Karen over the next few months
  • Pray that we will live Spirit-filled each day 
  • Staying healthy and covid-19 free

Please Pray for AIA and the Sports TEAM division:

  • Praise God for new staff Karen is coaching
  • Pray the Lord will bless their lives as they build their ministry teams
  • For Karen as she continues to coach full-time new staff and new interns
  • For Rick to provide clear insight to Sports TEAM leadership
  • For AIA in continuing to redefine ministry vehicles that meet athletes needs, giving us an opening to minister to them
  • For our division as we evaluate well our recent wins on digital ministry 
  • Pray for Rick:
    • Continued training about SQL/Database programming for AIA
    • Continued development for Power BI
    • Wisdom on assisting AIA as they develop more robust information and analytics through a special initiative team

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