Talking w/ God

Next time you talk with God

Please pray for our family: (New in Italics)

  • As we prepare to downsize this summer.   Our home will be listed for sale on May 31st.  Wisdom on the sale of our home and moving.
  • For Elizabeth as she searches for a second job this summer
  • For Aaron who is also looking for employment this summer
  • Praise for Emily as she recently received another promotion at Dish Network
  • For Ellie as she evaluates ESL teaching opportunities in Columbus for next year
  • Praise for Annie who graduated from Eastern Michigan and new job in the D.C. area
  • To fill us with His spirit and strength to live A Spirit Filled Life
  • Emily to find employment that will utilize her writing and editing skills
  • For Rick and Karen to depend on the Lord exclusively as we work to balance family and ministry responsibilities

Please Pray for AIA and their Sports T.E.A.M. division:

  • For Rick developing new analytics for the Sports TEAM leadership team
  • For Rick as he prepares to blog for the High School UTC this summer in Xenia
  • For Karen as she picks up more editing work around the devotions published on
  • For Karen as she is training a new batch of interns this summer
  • For AIA Sports TEAM as we field approximately 40 missions projects this year  

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