Talking w/ God

Next time you talk with God

Please pray for our family: (New in Italics)

  • Praise for the great care for Rick’s Dad at of Thomson Hood
  • Praise that Aaron’s foot surgery went. Pray for his regaining mobility.
  • For Karen’s sister who is not able to take her RA med’s due to related health issues. Praise for how well her shoulder is healing!
  • Continued wisdom and endurance for Rick & Karen to balance ministry and family needs
  • Pray that we will live Spirit-filled each day 

Please Pray for AIA and our Catalytic ministry teams:

  • For the CIU team to play their best for God’s glory
  • For more laborers to serve in the harvest
  • For Kaylyn’s role transition
  • For the recruiting and hiring of new staff as AIA prepares for the Wooden Center
  • For AIA & Cru staff in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe
  • For Karen:
    • For God’s leading to help each staff continue to develop
    • New staff will trust and grow in their ability to trust God’s calling and His provision
    • That Karen will effectively coach new staff members and specifically for the two new coaching staff families who have just started working with her
  • For Rick:
    • as he co-leads a AIA’s Data Manager Team
    • as he develops new reporting and insights for the AIA ministry
    • as he develops new reporting for team leaders to more effectively lead their staff
    • as he develops new database sources to be used in our staff’s month reporting

4 thoughts on “Talking w/ God

  1. Love hearing about you guys. Keep up the Lord’s work and may He give you the strength to do so. God’s Blessings to your new staff, Karen. I wish I could have gone to such a camp and gone to my limit when I was younger (much younger).


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