Eternal Investments

Investing in Eternal Destinies!

In 2020 Sports TEAM’s planned to field 30 different mission projects in 18 countries, including the U.S before Covid-19 changed everything. In 2022 we continue to redevelop our international projects/tours. In addition, we are adding a significant number of virtual events around the nation and internationally. Several will be hosted on our Xenia campus.  These projects involved competitive teams, coaching clinics, Ultimate Training Camps or leadership academies, based on the needs of the ministries we were serving.

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Every team has many players, and when everyone is focused on a common goal, the team wins!  Would you consider becoming a partner and helping us impact the lives of over 400 athletes/coaches each year who expose thousands to the gospel.  How? Through

  • Prayer
  • Financial support
  • Connecting with potential partners through an introduction

Our ministry/family support is below

our average monthly pledges by $762.

The Covid-19 impact had a negative impact on our support.  Would you please ask the Lord how you might be able to make a difference.

How can you Help?

Become a Prayer Partner:  Go to the Home page and sign up to receive an e-mail notice of our blog postings and monitor the prayer page, then lift us up before the Lord.  In this way you are investing your time to make the gospel known around the world.  Let us know you are praying so we can connect with you.

Become a Financial Partner:  Financial partners are critical to our ability to stay in ministry helping over 500 staff and thousands of volunteers to share the gospel, disciple believers, and send them into the world to be ministers of reconciliation.  How is the Lord moving you to be involved?  By:

  • Regular gifts on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis
  • A special gift as the Lord blesses you

You can do this quickly and easily by:

  • Giving On-Line  (Go to Campus Crusade’s secure website)
  • Sending a check made out to Campus Crusade for Christ or Cru to our home address listed above.  We will send it to our headquarters so you can get a receipt for tax purposes.

On the giving website you have the options to give by bank account or credit card.  Credit card gifts are assessed 2.35% against our staff account.

Introduce us to your friends so they may have the same opportunity to be a part of this mission.  We never know who the Lord has appointed to partner with us.  Therefore, we have asked Him to speak through you.  It’s easy to do, but we encourage you to contact us by phone or email, and we will be glad to assist you.


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