AIA Buzz

What Do Others Say About Athletes in Action?

“AIA continues to make great strides in its mission of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world through the platform of sports.  … As a friend and supporter of AIA for over 15 years, I’ve seen its impact past and present, and am committed to be part of its future in furthering God’s kingdom.”  Clark Kellogg, CBS College Basketball Analyst

“I’ve always been excited about athletes and Christianity.  That is why it’s an ongoing privilege to partner with Athletes in Action and see the way God has blessed this organization.”  Tony Dungy, Head Football Coach Indianapolis Colts

“Athletes in Action Baseball provides a great opportunity to learn how to play and live for the Kingdom of God.  I thank God for my time with AIA Baseball because it has shown me that life and this sport are not about me, but about God’s glory.”  Josh Bard / San Diego Padres

“AIA is called to action!  As portrayed in the book of Acts (Bible), God is sending forth athletes at every level into action to share the good news of Christ Jesus with the world.”  Madeline Manning Mims, Four-time Olympian Gold & Silver Medalist / Track & Field & WNBA Chaplin


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