Perfectly Chosen!

Ashley, an AIA staff member, just returned from a Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 9.18.22 AMvolleyball mission trip she directed in Asia. At the end of their trip, the team of college students took time at a hostel to process and debrief the week: the good, the hard and the divinely inspired.

As the director, it was special for Ashley to look back and to hear the team examine and share their stories, laugh about funny things that occurred and prepare together to head back home, different from this experience. “We talked about what God showed us that we want to take home and bring into our everyday lives.”  “This group was unique and perfectly chosen by God.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 9.18.37 AMGod chose this team for His purposes in each of their lives and on their mission field, but that’s just one project. We watch God do this 30-40 times every year! Three projects have already completed His purposes in 2017 and two are in the field with many more to come.

God hand-selects each team, and every one is different. Just ask the AIA staff members who direct each trip, and they will tell you the stories of how God knits together and designs each team uniquely for His purposes.

Some team members are well-known for their abilities; some Ao1 Imagedon’t yet know the Lord. Most want an opportunity to make a difference in the world, regardless of their skill level, by trusting God to show them how to worship Him through their love of sports. Normally, the team members have never met before, but they finish their project with a lifelong bond. Everyone ultimately learns it’s all about serving for an Audience of One.

Each team has a number of roles that must work together to accomplish their mission. Among them are those who ask the Lord for wisdom, protection, and guidance as the team prepares and goes into the field. Here is where you can join over 30,000 others annually who follow/pray and share AIA’s projects. By visiting, praying and sharing AIA’s team blogs on Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 1.31.36 PMsocial media, you can be not only part of our ministry team, but that of 30 to 40 others as well. We can only imagine how God will use your prayers and sharing in your world and for these teams. Click the image to visit.

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Why We’re Here

It seems we are constantly bombarded with news of immoral, destructive actions by famous sports personalities. As believers in Christ, we wonder how to respond and how we can discuss these issues in a way that reveals the light of Christ.
People usually get this news digitally, since 72% of Americans get their news on mobile devices. Half those people will read at least a portion of an article’s content. Then those questions come to mind.

aia-digital-bottom-menu-nov-2016Just like you, Athletes in Action (AIA) has been witnessing our culture’s moral decline and its impact. In late 2014, God gave AIA the vision to make a difference in today’s digitally-driven world by assisting the body of Christ to have a relevant answer that will bless everyone, thus drawing people to God’s ultimate answer, a personal relationship with Him! Read more about this initiative at and

Early in 2016, was repurposed to be a light for Christ on the world’s digital hillside. (Matt 5:14-16) AIA publishes daily devotionals and a weekly Under Review piece addressing a relevant issue in the world of sports like:

Why Athletes Underperform for Coaches Who Use Fear


(10/30/16) While fear used to be the sole driver behind Halloween, over the decades it’s become an event that ranges far beyond simple boogey-man tactics.  

Depending on your age demographic, halloween is an opportunity to dress up to get as much sugar as possible, give away as much sugar as possible, or, on college campuses, an opportunity to dress up vixenly to garner attention from the opposite sex.

Unfortunately, when it comes to our sports culture today, I would argue that fear is often still the primary driver at every level of play among coaches trying to motivate performance. It’s really time for this to change….  Read More


Each piece on the website prompts readers to think more deeply, share their thoughts, read other relevant material and get biblically sound help.

Karen and I are both part of a small team of staff who are contributing to this effort. In just nine months, has had over 500,000 digital conversations with people from over 200 countries!

As a partner in our ministry you are reaching the world! Thank you.

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What will be the impact? / June 2012 Newsletter

We will never know the full impact of June 2012 this side of eternity;  however, God does.  By the time you read this post, seventeen missions projects will have been fielded by AIA’s Global Sports Teams.  They included hundreds of volunteers sharing the gospel in thirteen different countries.  These projects involved five different sports with two using a multi-sport format.  This month alone, Sports Teams conducted ministry operations in South Asia, East Asia, the USA, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mongolia, Brazil, Ghana, Zimbabwe, the Middle East, Mexico, Poland, and the United Kingdom.  In fact, this summer Global Sports Teams will be sending over 400 volunteers to 27 countries on a total of 41 missions projects.  We praise God for all He will accomplish this summer through these efforts!

Karen and I are excited about all the possibilities as God works in the lives of volunteers, athletes, coaches, and everyone who heard the gospel message.  Countless connections and relationships will be built by divine appointment.  Who will God raise up as messengers of His love in these countries?  What opportunities will they have and who will hear that same message through their actions?  Over the next several months we will be sharing  some of the countless stories of God’s work of reconciliation.

We are privileged to have an assignment that allows us to assist in the fielding of these projects.  You have a part as well, as you partner with us in prayer and financial support.  Thank You!

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In the shadow of Mt. Ararat

Armenia has historically been at the forefront of God’s work to reconcile the world to Himself not once, but twice.  Mt. Ararat (now a part of Turkey) was the site where God directed the Ark to land after the Great Flood and He commanded Noah to reclaim the world.  Then around 45 AD the apostles, Thaddeus and Bartholomew brought the gospel where it grew until

Source: Google Images

St. Gregory the Illuminator (after emerging from a 13-year imprisonment  in a pit) converted King Tiridates III in 301 AD to Christianity.   Armenia remains largely Christian and is strategically located between Turkey and the Middle East.

Today, Armenia is again poised to play a prominent role in God’s plan of reconciliation.  Armenians love sports and take pride in competing around the world.  Cru and AIA have been developing ministries here for several years.  In 2009, AIA fielded our first project, where over 500 people were exposed to the gospel at a 3-day Sports Performance Clinic combined with a series of club events.  As a result, a ministry team was formed from those who attended and volunteered during the ’09 project.

Our 2012 Armenia Sports Performance project ran from May 14-22.  Our goals were to help organize the first sports medicine organization in Armenia and to conduct another conference and several clinics.  This organization will touch countless lives sharing the love of Christ and will help build a nation of Christ-centered laborers through Armenia’s love of sports!  We will share updates on the Armenia project soon.

What can I do? / Mar 2012 Newsletter

It seemed like it took a half hour for Ellie to get through security at the airport on Saturday.   She had a bunch of change in her book bag.  You know how it is working with the TSA.  As we walked out of the airport, I remember thinking, here we go!  Part of me trusts the Lord for everything that will go on during the next twelve days of the St. Petersburg, Russia English Camp.  At same time, the list of things that could happen grows every time I consider the possibilities.  So even though it’s Ellie’s third project, I find myself at the same crossroads.  Do I put on the shoes of readiness from Eph. 6:15 as a part of the Armor of God and experience the gospel of peace, or do I choose the path of anxiety?

The New Testament definition for anxiety means to be “double- minded.”  I realize from this point until Ellie returns is out of my control.  Parents often face this situation.  I also realize worrying will not make a difference and will only ruin my day, so I need to decide to give this to God, flee the temptation (1 Cor. 10:13), and trust the Lord (Prov. 3:5-6). The only way I can do this is to pray and ask the Lord to fill me with the power of the Holy Spirit to believe in Him.

Lord, thank you for your Word, and the power to experience victory over worry.  If you relate to being double-minded or dealing with anxiety, click on “Why Worry?”.

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Breaking through the Spiritual Darkness!

Europe, once the custodian of the gospel of Jesus Christ, has been actively rejecting the truth of God’s Word for centuries.  The continent is now essentially beyond unbelief and now Christophobic.  Only 21% of the population considers faith in Christ to be relevant with less even less attending worship weekly.  To make matters worst, clergy across the continent generally do not believe in the Resurrection nor the virgin birth of Christ.  Europe’s rise and fall has been clearly tied to the health of the church, but more importantly to the faith of its people in Jesus Christ’s love and sacrifice for them.

Into this darkness, AIA’s Global Sports will be sending four projects that will be sharing the love and relevance of God’s message of salvation in:

The key is meeting people at their point of need and showing them uncommon love and compassion.  The mission is clear, and millions of lives are a stake for eternity, as are countless generations to come.  How can we as individuals make a difference?

Ask the Lord if you know anyone who would have an interest in being a part of these projects through prayer, finances, or volunteering with the project.  If so, forward this posting.  Thank you so much for your partnership with us and AIA’s Global Sports.

A message of Hope / Feb 2012 Newsletter

In a recent post (10 Days in the Kenyan Sun) we shared about Global Sports’ most recent project in Kenya.  As a part of this project, AIA partnered with Kenya’s top professional woman golfer (Rose)  to host 50 teen girls from Soweto Academy at a local church outside of Nairobi near the Kibera slum.  It was a day filled with girl-centered fun and messages from several speakers, including a local pastor (Steve) who challenged them to grow and become all they could through a relationship with the Lord and to trust Him for their dreams.  Steve grew up in Kibera.  He encouraged the girls to say “Yes, a lot of good can come

from Kibera.”  This may have been the first time they heard about how much God loves them.  It was also the first time all but six of these girls had ventured outside the Kibera slum.

A portion of the team also visited Uganda in order to plan and meet with their basketball federation to prepare for another project in August involving a women’s basketball tour.

Thanks for your partnership with AIA Global Sports!

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