What will be the impact? / June 2012 Newsletter

We will never know the full impact of June 2012 this side of eternity;  however, God does.  By the time you read this post, seventeen missions projects will have been fielded by AIA’s Global Sports Teams.  They included hundreds of volunteers sharing the gospel in thirteen different countries.  These projects involved five different sports with two using a multi-sport format.  This month alone, Sports Teams conducted ministry operations in South Asia, East Asia, the USA, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mongolia, Brazil, Ghana, Zimbabwe, the Middle East, Mexico, Poland, and the United Kingdom.  In fact, this summer Global Sports Teams will be sending over 400 volunteers to 27 countries on a total of 41 missions projects.  We praise God for all He will accomplish this summer through these efforts!

Karen and I are excited about all the possibilities as God works in the lives of volunteers, athletes, coaches, and everyone who heard the gospel message.  Countless connections and relationships will be built by divine appointment.  Who will God raise up as messengers of His love in these countries?  What opportunities will they have and who will hear that same message through their actions?  Over the next several months we will be sharing  some of the countless stories of God’s work of reconciliation.

We are privileged to have an assignment that allows us to assist in the fielding of these projects.  You have a part as well, as you partner with us in prayer and financial support.  Thank You!

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