Making eternal connections

Rico’s  story:  “God put on my heart years ago a passion for basketball and for people.  After college, I didn’t know what to do next.”  Rico was not aware of Athletes in Action (AIA) as he entered graduate school, but was an assistant basketball coach.  However, he knew something was missing.  Then Rico learned about AIA while preparing for an upcoming game and later took part in a basketball tour.  “I was able to finally realize that basketball is my way of worship back to God and my avenue to display Christ … basketball is a talent that God gave me to use for His glory.  Through that,  I was able to share the gospel through playing basketball God’s way and see whole teams give their lives to Christ.”   (Photo Credit: AIA, Rico on right)

Imagine being part of a team who connects up to a thousand volunteers like Rico to 30 – 40 missions projects each year.  Each of these projects touches countless lives with the gospel, discipleship and training.  That is exactly what the Global Sports Teams and our partners are accomplishing.   A big part of our job description is to give direction and organization to AIA’s Global Sports Teams communications.  We have the opportunity to connect people with amazing ways and places to share the gospel.  Imagine the difference we can have together?

Thank you to all those who are partnering with us.  Want to get involved?    You can make a difference by going to our Eternal Investments page.