Making eternal connections

Rico’s  story:  “God put on my heart years ago a passion for basketball and for people.  After college, I didn’t know what to do next.”  Rico was not aware of Athletes in Action (AIA) as he entered graduate school, but was an assistant basketball coach.  However, he knew something was missing.  Then Rico learned about AIA while preparing for an upcoming game and later took part in a basketball tour.  “I was able to finally realize that basketball is my way of worship back to God and my avenue to display Christ … basketball is a talent that God gave me to use for His glory.  Through that,  I was able to share the gospel through playing basketball God’s way and see whole teams give their lives to Christ.”   (Photo Credit: AIA, Rico on right)

Imagine being part of a team who connects up to a thousand volunteers like Rico to 30 – 40 missions projects each year.  Each of these projects touches countless lives with the gospel, discipleship and training.  That is exactly what the Global Sports Teams and our partners are accomplishing.   A big part of our job description is to give direction and organization to AIA’s Global Sports Teams communications.  We have the opportunity to connect people with amazing ways and places to share the gospel.  Imagine the difference we can have together?

Thank you to all those who are partnering with us.  Want to get involved?    You can make a difference by going to our Eternal Investments page.


Breaking through the Spiritual Darkness!

Europe, once the custodian of the gospel of Jesus Christ, has been actively rejecting the truth of God’s Word for centuries.  The continent is now essentially beyond unbelief and now Christophobic.  Only 21% of the population considers faith in Christ to be relevant with less even less attending worship weekly.  To make matters worst, clergy across the continent generally do not believe in the Resurrection nor the virgin birth of Christ.  Europe’s rise and fall has been clearly tied to the health of the church, but more importantly to the faith of its people in Jesus Christ’s love and sacrifice for them.

Into this darkness, AIA’s Global Sports will be sending four projects that will be sharing the love and relevance of God’s message of salvation in:

The key is meeting people at their point of need and showing them uncommon love and compassion.  The mission is clear, and millions of lives are a stake for eternity, as are countless generations to come.  How can we as individuals make a difference?

Ask the Lord if you know anyone who would have an interest in being a part of these projects through prayer, finances, or volunteering with the project.  If so, forward this posting.  Thank you so much for your partnership with us and AIA’s Global Sports.

A message of Hope / Feb 2012 Newsletter

In a recent post (10 Days in the Kenyan Sun) we shared about Global Sports’ most recent project in Kenya.  As a part of this project, AIA partnered with Kenya’s top professional woman golfer (Rose)  to host 50 teen girls from Soweto Academy at a local church outside of Nairobi near the Kibera slum.  It was a day filled with girl-centered fun and messages from several speakers, including a local pastor (Steve) who challenged them to grow and become all they could through a relationship with the Lord and to trust Him for their dreams.  Steve grew up in Kibera.  He encouraged the girls to say “Yes, a lot of good can come

from Kibera.”  This may have been the first time they heard about how much God loves them.  It was also the first time all but six of these girls had ventured outside the Kibera slum.

A portion of the team also visited Uganda in order to plan and meet with their basketball federation to prepare for another project in August involving a women’s basketball tour.

Thanks for your partnership with AIA Global Sports!

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Golfing for God in Kenya?

It’s interesting to watch God at work as He assembles and builds His ministry of reconciliation with sometimes unlikely parties all over the world.  As we have previously posted, (The Love of God … and He was one …) AIA has been building a ministry in the Kenya and Rwanda area for eight years.

Last week, God extended an invitation to people of all walks of life from Kenya and the US to join Him at work.  His mission:  continue reconciling the  people of East Africa to Himself.   What may look like a golf tournament was really divine invitations to participate in saving lives.  The golf outing  also facilitated the gathering of financial and human capital for AIA Kenya’s current and future operations.

Would you lift up AIA staffer David N. and all who will respond to God’s invitation to work together?  Please ask the Lord to develop their ministry team, uniting them with a vision to reconcile the people of Kenya and Rwanda to Himself and to defend them from the Evil One who will be trying to stop them.

If you would like to experience some highlights from the 2011 East Africa project, take a look:

        Thanks for your partnership with AIA Global Sports!

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If Jesus were born this weekend ….

Dear Friend,

Karen and I pray you are doing well.  Take a few minutes to relax and remember why we are celebrating Christmas on Sunday.  If your family is like ours, there is so much to do to prepare for Christmas.  It can be very hectic and stressful because of all the preparations, family traditions, and travel expected to visit our families.  Know that we are praying this will be a Christmas that is filled with revelation of how much Jesus loves us. 

I ran across an interesting and entertaining portrayal of Jesus’ birth about a month ago that you will enjoy and also be able to share with your friends who do not know Christ.  It could be a great conversation starter.  The YouTube clip below only runs about 4 minutes.  Enjoy!

Enjoy, relax and have a Merry Christmas.  If you enjoyed this clip please leave a comment.  We would love to hear from you.

Impact the world this Christmas season!

Hello Friend,

Thank you so much for your partnership in ministry with our family and AIA’s Global Team.  We are privileged to be a part of this ministry through which God is reaching people with His message of salvation and love around the world.

An important part of AIA’s ministry has been to provide tangible resources such as equipment, facilities, and training as a part of projects or outreaches.  These gifts allow ministry to continue after a project or outreach is completed.  Would you pray about helping to provide some of these resources for the coming year as a part of celebrating our Lord’s birth this Christmas season?  Below you will find some opportunities:


.        Sport Aid Kits                Intl. Coaches Academy                Game Changer

This would be a great opportunity for a family, Sunday School class, or small group to contribute in a tangible way to make a difference in our 2012 projects and outreaches.  Gifts start as small as $100 for Sport Aid and the International Coaches Academy or just $30 to become a Game Changer.  Just click on the picture above the option you are interested in and you will be able to learn more.

Thank you very much for helping resource some of our 2012 projects.  Merry Christmas and may God bless you in countless ways as we celebrate His birth.

A Life Changing Decision!

Obviously we go to fulfill the Great Commission because God wants everyone to know Him and because we want to share God’s love, and for many more reasons.  So we are serving God to change lives, but did you ever consider how a mission trip would change the lives of those who go?  Take a look at some examples.

An athlete:  “After a summer of AIA Baseball, I came back to my campus and started AIA here.  Every week I lead a Bible study for all the athletes in my department.  During the week I meet with other athletes for one-on-one discipleship”

A parent:  “I help coach my sons’ soccer teams and work to be a Christ-like influence to the kids and parents of the team.”

In a community:  “I am involved in AIA, and also go around speaking at different high school huddle groups to share my testimony and encourage them.”

God uses these projects to change everyone’s lives!  Have you ever asked the Lord how you could be a part of a short-term project like AIA’s?  Take a look.

How has God changed your life through a mission project?  Share your experience!