A Life Changing Decision!

Obviously we go to fulfill the Great Commission because God wants everyone to know Him and because we want to share God’s love, and for many more reasons.  So we are serving God to change lives, but did you ever consider how a mission trip would change the lives of those who go?  Take a look at some examples.

An athlete:  “After a summer of AIA Baseball, I came back to my campus and started AIA here.  Every week I lead a Bible study for all the athletes in my department.  During the week I meet with other athletes for one-on-one discipleship”

A parent:  “I help coach my sons’ soccer teams and work to be a Christ-like influence to the kids and parents of the team.”

In a community:  “I am involved in AIA, and also go around speaking at different high school huddle groups to share my testimony and encourage them.”

God uses these projects to change everyone’s lives!  Have you ever asked the Lord how you could be a part of a short-term project like AIA’s?  Take a look.

How has God changed your life through a mission project?  Share your experience!