It is when you are there …

It is when you are there that we are able to serve the Lord and join His work of reconciling this world to Himself.  Your prayers and your support were an integral part of the Its when you are there, Rick and Karenministry of Athletes in Action’s (AIA) Global Sports in 2012.  Because we share a passion for connecting people to Jesus Christ, together we are getting a glimpse of God’s kingdom.   Thank you so much for allowing us to serve with you!!!  You are part of a worldwide caring community  making a difference around the world each day.  Let us encourage you today with a three-minute video showing ministry highlights, and let the Lord remind you that with Him, nothing is impossible.  Take a look:

As we start 2013, take a minute to rejoice in the fact that we have the privilege to make a difference around the world in the lives of men, women, and children in 2013 Opportunities Flyer Jan 9, 1227 countries by fielding 34 mission projects.  You can get an overview of our 2013 projects courtesy of the Sports Performance Team by double clicking on the image, and you can print out a copy to pray over.

My role as Communication Coordinator for Global Sports will place us (you and me) in a position to support each of these projects.  We will be assisting hundreds of men and women to experience the Lord working through them as they share the love of Jesus Christ.  In the coming months, Karen and I will be sharing more about these projects.  Thank you for playing a vital role in the ministry of AIA Global Sports.


What’s in a story?

For the Rogers family, May has already been both exciting and perplexing and it’s only half over.  Our family eagerly anticipated its arrival because Andrew was graduating from The King’s College and we all joined him to celebrate in New York City.  We had the chance to meet Andrew’s professors and fellow students and see some of his world.  It was a great weekend!  There were 60 graduating seniors and their families, all sharing their journey to this milestone.  Can you imagine all these stories coming together to make up the class of 2012 story?  

However, that week, Hannah, a long-time friend of the family, passed away.   Even though Hannah was a few years older, she and Erica were great friends because they walked a similar path in life.   Within 36 hours of returning from NY, Karen, Erica, and I found ourselves traveling so Erica could speak at Hannah’s life celebration.  (Our friends, Blaine & Judy, Hannah’s parents)

Erica & Hannah’s sister, Heather

It’s interesting and perplexing how God allows such different stories to be lived out simultaneously.  However, God has blessed it, and we are storytellers living part of God’s story of redemption and reconciliation.  Regardless of how great or broken our stories are, God delights in each one. They are unique views into His Story that we will hear in eternity.  Are you ready to tell your story to others?  It may be the story that opens the door to the very heart of God for someone.

What’s Your Perspective?

Rick and I recently had a fun conversation with a couple centered around “Perspective” cards, a tool developed by Cru.  What looks like a card game is actually a fantastic springboard for understanding someone’s take on spiritual concepts.  The five sets of color-coded cards correspond to spiritual topics like one’s view of God, human nature, the person of Jesus, the meaning and purpose of life, and the source of spiritual truth.  Several possible cards are presented on each topic and the person selects the one matching his viewpoint.  Perspective cards allow for a casual conversation leading to real understanding of another person’s beliefs, while enabling him to clarify his own views.

Our friends said:  “I’ve never talked about religion before without feeling judged or like someone was shoving a Bible down my throat,” and “That’s the first time I’ve heard my husband open up about his beliefs.”  Both were able to articulate that they did not have a relationship with God, but they were very interested in talking more.  Taking the time to really listen for understanding of another person’s perspective can earn us a chance to share our own, thus paving the way for the gospel.  We’re so excited about how God will use this easy tool to facilitate spiritual understanding and conversations.  As a ministry, we are committed to giving every person the opportunity the hear about the hope of reconciliation with the Savior who loves them.

To learn more or order your own deck, click:  Perspective Cards.

A Life Changing Decision!

Obviously we go to fulfill the Great Commission because God wants everyone to know Him and because we want to share God’s love, and for many more reasons.  So we are serving God to change lives, but did you ever consider how a mission trip would change the lives of those who go?  Take a look at some examples.

An athlete:  “After a summer of AIA Baseball, I came back to my campus and started AIA here.  Every week I lead a Bible study for all the athletes in my department.  During the week I meet with other athletes for one-on-one discipleship”

A parent:  “I help coach my sons’ soccer teams and work to be a Christ-like influence to the kids and parents of the team.”

In a community:  “I am involved in AIA, and also go around speaking at different high school huddle groups to share my testimony and encourage them.”

God uses these projects to change everyone’s lives!  Have you ever asked the Lord how you could be a part of a short-term project like AIA’s?  Take a look.

How has God changed your life through a mission project?  Share your experience!

Two weeks that will change generations!

Two weeks ago we shared about AIA’s 4th Annual International Coaching Academy and asked you to “pray for openness to the truth of Jesus, for those who do not know Him to personally surrender their lives to Him.”  Thank you–your prayers have been answered!  At the start of the academy everyone was challenged to love one another.  Each day, through activities that included team times, devotionals, practices, and training, the Holy Spirit was at work.  Coach Kelly, (AIA) was amazed how quickly this group bonded and learned to communicate, even when no translators were present.  On Tuesday of week two, the real story of Christ was shared and through this story and a gospel message nine coaches accepted Christ as their Savior!  Most of the attendees said they never heard the real story of Christ nor did they know it was possible to combine their faith and love of sports to honor the Lord and share His love with others around them.

Will you now join us in praying again over the coming weeks and months “for the impact they will have on universities around the world?”  The enemy will be working diligently to take away what God has accomplished through this academy.  These men literally will be in a position to impact generations to come in their homelands.