It is when you are there …

It is when you are there that we are able to serve the Lord and join His work of reconciling this world to Himself.  Your prayers and your support were an integral part of the Its when you are there, Rick and Karenministry of Athletes in Action’s (AIA) Global Sports in 2012.  Because we share a passion for connecting people to Jesus Christ, together we are getting a glimpse of God’s kingdom.   Thank you so much for allowing us to serve with you!!!  You are part of a worldwide caring community  making a difference around the world each day.  Let us encourage you today with a three-minute video showing ministry highlights, and let the Lord remind you that with Him, nothing is impossible.  Take a look:

As we start 2013, take a minute to rejoice in the fact that we have the privilege to make a difference around the world in the lives of men, women, and children in 2013 Opportunities Flyer Jan 9, 1227 countries by fielding 34 mission projects.  You can get an overview of our 2013 projects courtesy of the Sports Performance Team by double clicking on the image, and you can print out a copy to pray over.

My role as Communication Coordinator for Global Sports will place us (you and me) in a position to support each of these projects.  We will be assisting hundreds of men and women to experience the Lord working through them as they share the love of Jesus Christ.  In the coming months, Karen and I will be sharing more about these projects.  Thank you for playing a vital role in the ministry of AIA Global Sports.