What’s Your Perspective?

Rick and I recently had a fun conversation with a couple centered around “Perspective” cards, a tool developed by Cru.  What looks like a card game is actually a fantastic springboard for understanding someone’s take on spiritual concepts.  The five sets of color-coded cards correspond to spiritual topics like one’s view of God, human nature, the person of Jesus, the meaning and purpose of life, and the source of spiritual truth.  Several possible cards are presented on each topic and the person selects the one matching his viewpoint.  Perspective cards allow for a casual conversation leading to real understanding of another person’s beliefs, while enabling him to clarify his own views.

Our friends said:  “I’ve never talked about religion before without feeling judged or like someone was shoving a Bible down my throat,” and “That’s the first time I’ve heard my husband open up about his beliefs.”  Both were able to articulate that they did not have a relationship with God, but they were very interested in talking more.  Taking the time to really listen for understanding of another person’s perspective can earn us a chance to share our own, thus paving the way for the gospel.  We’re so excited about how God will use this easy tool to facilitate spiritual understanding and conversations.  As a ministry, we are committed to giving every person the opportunity the hear about the hope of reconciliation with the Savior who loves them.

To learn more or order your own deck, click:  Perspective Cards.


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Perspective?

  1. I’ve never heard of Perspective Cards before, but if they help to open up a door for the Spirit in a conversation, I’m all for it!


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