If Jesus were born this weekend ….

Dear Friend,

Karen and I pray you are doing well.  Take a few minutes to relax and remember why we are celebrating Christmas on Sunday.  If your family is like ours, there is so much to do to prepare for Christmas.  It can be very hectic and stressful because of all the preparations, family traditions, and travel expected to visit our families.  Know that we are praying this will be a Christmas that is filled with revelation of how much Jesus loves us. 

I ran across an interesting and entertaining portrayal of Jesus’ birth about a month ago that you will enjoy and also be able to share with your friends who do not know Christ.  It could be a great conversation starter.  The YouTube clip below only runs about 4 minutes.  Enjoy!

Enjoy, relax and have a Merry Christmas.  If you enjoyed this clip please leave a comment.  We would love to hear from you.

Perspective Matters

We love our staff conferences where God uses experiences to adjust our perspective of Him and our service.  A few of those experiences were:  getting a small glimpse of heaven by pouring our hearts out to God in worship with 6,000 people; viewing the majesty of God’s power and creativity in the Rocky Mountains; hearing stories of how God has called people into ministry and how He is transforming lives through their testimony; and being reminded by Pastor David Platt of our scandalously merciful Savior who detests sinners (Psalm 5:5), yet paid for our sins.  The Cross shows both are fully true.  We cannot forget either fact, which is why we share His message with everyone.  You can see his message and others at ccci.org, 2011 Public Staff Conference Videos.  (Scroll to the bottom)  Watch him now.