In the shadow of Mt. Ararat

Armenia has historically been at the forefront of God’s work to reconcile the world to Himself not once, but twice.  Mt. Ararat (now a part of Turkey) was the site where God directed the Ark to land after the Great Flood and He commanded Noah to reclaim the world.  Then around 45 AD the apostles, Thaddeus and Bartholomew brought the gospel where it grew until

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St. Gregory the Illuminator (after emerging from a 13-year imprisonment  in a pit) converted King Tiridates III in 301 AD to Christianity.   Armenia remains largely Christian and is strategically located between Turkey and the Middle East.

Today, Armenia is again poised to play a prominent role in God’s plan of reconciliation.  Armenians love sports and take pride in competing around the world.  Cru and AIA have been developing ministries here for several years.  In 2009, AIA fielded our first project, where over 500 people were exposed to the gospel at a 3-day Sports Performance Clinic combined with a series of club events.  As a result, a ministry team was formed from those who attended and volunteered during the ’09 project.

Our 2012 Armenia Sports Performance project ran from May 14-22.  Our goals were to help organize the first sports medicine organization in Armenia and to conduct another conference and several clinics.  This organization will touch countless lives sharing the love of Christ and will help build a nation of Christ-centered laborers through Armenia’s love of sports!  We will share updates on the Armenia project soon.