Two Days in September

On September 28th and 29th the AIA US Global Team met to come before the Lord and trust Him to reveal our role in fulfilling His Great Commission next year.  These two days were the genesis of what the Lord will accomplish in 2012 through our ministry.  Our team’s major goals in fielding projects around the world are to:

  • pioneer in countries where little or no ministry exists
  • aid international staff with established ministries

One example from last year’s planning was the East Africa project in Kenya and Rwanda.  By God’s grace, 1,200 people were exposed to the Gospel, 80 people committed their lives to Christ and 33 AIA volunteers committed to disciple others with help from AIA staff.

As AIA staff, we will help with project planning, development, and fulfillment; however, God works primarily through our volunteers, who become the face of Jesus Christ in this life-changing ministry.  Your partnership with us will help to provide these volunteers with unprecedented opportunities to be ambassadors for Christ. We, together with you, will help facilitate this ministry.   Thank you for being partners with us in sharing the gospel around the world!

Please pray for:

  • the Lord’s lead in developing our 2012 projects
  • our volunteers as the Lord prepares them
  • project resources
  • AIA staff as they develop each project
  • Rick and Karen to complete our support team (our status)