You can impact Olympians!

Would you like to be a part of the 2,500-member prayer team who intercedes for Olympians by name?

Allyson Felix

Allyson Felix

Prayer team members will be sent the names of five Olympians along with information about their sports and their countries. Click here to join.

There are many ways AIA will be impacting Olympic athletes in Rio this summer: we will have chaplains available to minister to and pray with athletes, we will hold chapel services, and we will distribute our new Struggle and Triumph sports Bible and our new Struggle and Triumph film which is available in 25 languages. You can see and share the 34-minute film for free by downloading The Jesus Film app on your mobile device. This high-quality film features the stories of four Olympic heroes from four different countries who have grown in their faith in Christ through the struggles they have faced.Struggle and Triumph image

Another free resource we have produced is the Struggle and Triumph devotional series available on YouVersion Bible app for mobile devices and pc’s. You can share this 33-day devotional series with young athletes and anyone interested in the faith stories of Olympic athletes. Karen edited these devotions and wrote some of them, too. Because of your partnership with us, we are able to serve the body of Christ. We appreciate you!

Family News

Elizabeths Davidson GraduationThis is a very exciting summer for us. In addition to our regular work of managing AIA Team Blogs (Rick) and writing and editing (Karen), Rick is also blogging with our Ultimate Training Camps for high school students and Karen is discipling and coaching interns who are preparing to serve with AIA for the next year.

Austin and Ellie EngagementIn family news, we rejoiced to watch Elizabeth graduate from high school, which is a miracle we continually thank God for; we are preparing for Ellie’s wedding to Austin Church; and we recently learned we will be grandparents to Erica and Parrish’s first child.

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Your prayers for Elizabeth

It was a warm, sunny October afternoon when our guests arrived to pray for Elizabeth. We were enjoying the hint of color appearing in the trees in the front yard and the gentle breeze.  By 5:20 PM,Elizabeth Nov 26 2014, resized, cropped we had gathered around Elizabeth as she sat comfortably in the middle of our family room.  We felt grateful for all the prayer that had already been offered on her behalf, and hopeful about how God might use the prayer and anointing to heal  her. (Why? See “She needs your prayers“)

Our family is so thankful for the many people who have prayed, fasted, and invited others to pray for healing! We tangibly felt God’s love through the texts, emails, phone calls and cards telling us of even whole families fasting and praying on her behalf.

So, how did God work?

Elizabeth has experienced a marked improvement in her balance, vision and noise tolerance.  Both her doctors  have said she is doing better than they have ever seen her do. Elizabeth’s capacity to do more around the house and spend time with others also significantly improved through October and into  November.  Praise God for all of these developments!

The doctors in Columbus and Dayton both agreed that another round of intensive sensory integration therapy would be the best course of action.  She started it on November 17.  It will run at least through December 15th.  Please continue to pray:

  • for the therapy to help her brain to completely heal
  • for her to feel God’s presence and love
  • for her ability to read and think again without intense pain
  • for her ability to resume some kind of schooling

We have felt overwhelmed by your love and support for Elizabeth and for us as you offered a sacrifice of prayer.

“May [their] prayer be counted as incense before You; The lifting up of [their] hands as the evening offering. Psalm 141:2

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we are grateful for the improvement Elizabeth has experienced, and also for you, our dear friends and family who are supporting us in this journey.





She needs your prayers

Biff, Oct 2014 Newsletter, ResizedImagine walking when your brain’s ability to process sensory input lags behind, like when audio and video are out of sync on your TV. Imagine an unstable world where focusing the words on a page is nearly impossible and you have no down dial for volume or brightness; where there are unrelenting headaches, dizziness and nausea, and your heart constantly races 50% faster than normal because your nervous system is just trying to keep up.This is the life our 16-year-old daughter Elizabeth has lived for the past two years since suffering a concussion playing field hockey.

Since then she has endured testing and treatment from many doctors and therapists and has tried meds, therapies and treatments we had never even heard of. The past several months have been filled with appointments and exercises we are to do with her. At this point, school is nearly impossible for her since she can’t read, use the computer or concentrate for more than a short time without worsening her headache. She needs your prayers.

On Monday, October 13th at 5:00 p.m. we are inviting a couple of pastors from our church to anoint Elizabeth with oil and pray with us for her. Would you join us on that day through prayer and fasting for her? You can fast from a meal, all your meals or anything else you are willing to fast from. Jesus said that some things are only accomplished through fasting and prayer. We are not trying to persuade an unwilling God, nor are we attempting to obligate Him by the number of people praying or because of our fasting; we are crying out to a loving Father who created and knows Elizabeth and has good plans for her.

Please pray for:

  • complete healing of Elizabeth’s brain
  • Elizabeth to allow God to use this trial for good in her life
  • wisdom for the doctors and therapists treating her now
  • the provision and direction to seek further treatment for her

Your prayers and support allow us to serve!  Thanks!

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This is what I want / November 2012 Newsletter

The sun was shining brightly through the windows the morning of the 6th day of the International Coaches’ Academy.  Each day began with Team Time (a devotional).  

The discussion on this particular morning was about how we see our relationship with God.  People were invited to share their thoughts in small groups.   As you might expect, there was quite a variety.  All were great examples of God at work in their lives, but Samuel’s stood out to me.  Samuel’s focus was not on today, but where he wanted to be.  During the discussion time, he struggled to clearly communicate his desire.  He walked up to share with the group and had only a blank piece of paper.  It was clear nothing was written or drawn on it, unlike everyone else’s.  It was truly God breaking into his world.  Samuel held up his paper and said, “This is what I want:  to be pure.  I want to have a clean heart.”

This is not a desire born of man.  Jeremiah 17:9 says, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”  But God supernaturally revealed to Samuel his own sin and need for forgiveness.

You are vital to this mission!  Your prayers and support of AIA Global Sports and our ministry makes this possible.  Together, we are helping fulfill the Great Commission as people like Samuel are reconciled to God and become conduits of His love and mercy in their parts of the world.

Please review our prayer page and support needs and lift up our ministry to the Lord.  Click the following:  Nov 2012 to print a hard copy newsletter.

We need one more piece!

In three weeks the world will be focused once again on the Summer Olympics from July 27 through August 12.  Approximately 12,000 sports heroes from over 200 countries will be competing in over 300 events for sports glory.  Each of them will become leaders in their home countries.  AIA staff and volunteers have been preparing for quite some time, but we still need one more piece for our team to be ready.

                                         What’s the missing piece?

Aaron W. Carter 2012

We need prayer warriors who will lift up each Olympian, praying for God to work in the life of each person to accomplish His plan of reconciliation for the world.  James tells us that the prayer of a righteous person is “powerful and effective.” (James 5:16) When we fail to pray, we limit God’s blessing by our own weaknesses. James said, “You do not have, because you do not ask God.” (James 4:2)   Just as Moses prayed in Exodus 32, YOU have an opportunity to save the lives of many by asking the Lord to draw them into a relationship with Him.

How can you make a difference?

Click on Prayer Partner Sign-Up to be given several Olympians you can pray for by name.  You will also find resources such as a Prayer Card that can be shared with your friends

 at church,  and  access to AIA’s 2012 Prayer Guide where you can learn more about the  ministry strategies being used at the London Summer Olympics.  You can even follow along as staff and volunteers share through our Olympic Team Blog.

The power of a relationship!

We all meet new people as we walk through life.   Sometimes these new relationships have little influence on our lives.  However, occasionally we meet someone and clearly notice there is something different about him or her.  Whether it’s a personality or a common interest, he or she captures our imagination and we are drawn to this new friend.

Later this month, AIA Global Sports will be holding a 12-day men’s basketball tournament that will be played during the Muslim New Year called “Nowruz” in a Central Asian country.  As in most Muslim countries, you cannot share the gospel openly in public, so the key will be to build relationships at the tournament and invite folks to a privately sponsored event where the gospel can be shared.  AIA has been ministering in this country for quite some time and has seen much fruit.  In addition, this ministry is helping many believers from other countries to share the gospel cross-culturally.  Several ministries will be working together, and you can be a partner in this project by praying for the AIA team, the local staff, and all those the Lord introduces to them.   ( 1 Tim.2:1-6 is the connection between your prayer and people’s salvation.) Thank you for your partnership with AIA’s Global Sports.

Give Life this Super Bowl Weekend!

“I never really experienced living until I received Christ as Lord,” Neil Konitshek said.  When he was 32, God reached into the darkness of his life and provided light.  (His Story)

Konitshek was a successful real estate agent in San Diego, but he knew his life was empty.  He was invited to the 1988 Super Bowl Breakfast where Joe Gibbs, then head coach of the Washington Redskins, was the keynote speaker.  Along with testimonies from NFL athletes, the program included an invitation to enter a personal relationship with Jesus Christ given by Gibbs himself.

Konitshek had no idea what was coming.  “At the breakfast, it really hit me.  Joe Gibbs spoke about his family and the important things in life.  Here I was losing my wife and kids because of my behavior, but I didn’t want to admit that.”  When Gibbs led the audience in the prayer, Konitshek accepted the invitation.  The next day, he says, he felt a true change in his heart.

Konitshek is currently active in a local church and often participates in street evangelism or outreaches in the city’s bustling nightclub scene. He knows the results might not be seen quickly, but he trusts God is at work.  (Source: Teresa Young, AIA Communications)

Please lift up this event and all who attend Feb 4 at 8AM!  Countless lives will be changed forever and we can partner in this work.