The power of a relationship!

We all meet new people as we walk through life.   Sometimes these new relationships have little influence on our lives.  However, occasionally we meet someone and clearly notice there is something different about him or her.  Whether it’s a personality or a common interest, he or she captures our imagination and we are drawn to this new friend.

Later this month, AIA Global Sports will be holding a 12-day men’s basketball tournament that will be played during the Muslim New Year called “Nowruz” in a Central Asian country.  As in most Muslim countries, you cannot share the gospel openly in public, so the key will be to build relationships at the tournament and invite folks to a privately sponsored event where the gospel can be shared.  AIA has been ministering in this country for quite some time and has seen much fruit.  In addition, this ministry is helping many believers from other countries to share the gospel cross-culturally.  Several ministries will be working together, and you can be a partner in this project by praying for the AIA team, the local staff, and all those the Lord introduces to them.   ( 1 Tim.2:1-6 is the connection between your prayer and people’s salvation.) Thank you for your partnership with AIA’s Global Sports.