Give Life this Super Bowl Weekend!

“I never really experienced living until I received Christ as Lord,” Neil Konitshek said.  When he was 32, God reached into the darkness of his life and provided light.  (His Story)

Konitshek was a successful real estate agent in San Diego, but he knew his life was empty.  He was invited to the 1988 Super Bowl Breakfast where Joe Gibbs, then head coach of the Washington Redskins, was the keynote speaker.  Along with testimonies from NFL athletes, the program included an invitation to enter a personal relationship with Jesus Christ given by Gibbs himself.

Konitshek had no idea what was coming.  “At the breakfast, it really hit me.  Joe Gibbs spoke about his family and the important things in life.  Here I was losing my wife and kids because of my behavior, but I didn’t want to admit that.”  When Gibbs led the audience in the prayer, Konitshek accepted the invitation.  The next day, he says, he felt a true change in his heart.

Konitshek is currently active in a local church and often participates in street evangelism or outreaches in the city’s bustling nightclub scene. He knows the results might not be seen quickly, but he trusts God is at work.  (Source: Teresa Young, AIA Communications)

Please lift up this event and all who attend Feb 4 at 8AM!  Countless lives will be changed forever and we can partner in this work.