Will you remember Super Bowl 2012?

In January we asked you to lift up AIA’s 2012 Super Bowl Breakfast.  (Give Life this …)  Thank you for being a part of giving life to many and providing hundreds the opportunity to accept Christ or grow in their walk with Him.  We praise God so many people will be able to look back at this weekend and celebrate how their lives were changed.  Below you will find a quick summary:
  • People attending: 2,000
  • Decisions made for Christ: 57
  • Wanted more info about a relationship with Christ: 340
  • Desired to be in a small group study: 172
  • Wanted information about AIA/Sports Spectrum magazine: 112

God continues to bless this outreach over the last 25 years.  We are thankful for how the Lord has blessed Bart and Cherry Starr, the strength of AIA’s and the NFL relationship, and how the award winners have truly stood for Christ and His character.

John Harbaugh, the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, experienced his first Breakfast and participated in the program.  He said, “It was a great experience for our family and we enjoyed it immensely.  Thanks for encouraging me to do it.  It is a good reminder also of the opportunities to do so many good things according to where the Holy Spirit leads us.  Definitely was fun!”

You can learn more at Super Bowl Breakfast Features Tribute to Several NFL Greats.

Give Life this Super Bowl Weekend!

“I never really experienced living until I received Christ as Lord,” Neil Konitshek said.  When he was 32, God reached into the darkness of his life and provided light.  (His Story)

Konitshek was a successful real estate agent in San Diego, but he knew his life was empty.  He was invited to the 1988 Super Bowl Breakfast where Joe Gibbs, then head coach of the Washington Redskins, was the keynote speaker.  Along with testimonies from NFL athletes, the program included an invitation to enter a personal relationship with Jesus Christ given by Gibbs himself.

Konitshek had no idea what was coming.  “At the breakfast, it really hit me.  Joe Gibbs spoke about his family and the important things in life.  Here I was losing my wife and kids because of my behavior, but I didn’t want to admit that.”  When Gibbs led the audience in the prayer, Konitshek accepted the invitation.  The next day, he says, he felt a true change in his heart.

Konitshek is currently active in a local church and often participates in street evangelism or outreaches in the city’s bustling nightclub scene. He knows the results might not be seen quickly, but he trusts God is at work.  (Source: Teresa Young, AIA Communications)

Please lift up this event and all who attend Feb 4 at 8AM!  Countless lives will be changed forever and we can partner in this work. 

Listening to Your Hero!

Whom do you really admire as the best at what they do?  Now imagine hearing that person share his or her faith journey first-hand while sharing a great meal.  Each year AIA holds its Legends Series of outreaches to the business and sporting community.  They are attended by thousands, with honorees sharing their journey to faith in Christ and a clear invitation to receive Christ.  When your hero speaks, don’t you pay close attention?  That’s why this is such a compelling ministry.

The Super Bowl Breakfast features speakers and special guests from the NFL, both past and present, and the presentation of the Bart Starr Award.

The NBA All-Star Game Breakfast gives attendees the opportunity to get “up close and personal” with NBA coaches and players, and honors athletes for exemplary leadership, character, and integrity.

The Legends of the Hardwood Breakfast is hosted by AIA and FCA. The event features speakers and special guests from the world of basketball, and the presentation of the Coach Wooden “Keys to Life” Award.

Held at AIA World Headquarters in Xenia, Ohio, the Night of Champions includes inductions into AIA’s “Hall of Faith,” an elite honor given to athletes or coaches who display exemplary character in the game, in their families, and in the community.

Want to know more?  Contact Dave Lower at (513) 404-9956 or at dave.lower@athletesinaction.org.

Where else could this be done?

Would you believe one of the country’s best sports facilities is just west of Dayton, OH in a town of only 30,000?  Tucked away southwest of Xenia, OH is AIA’s World Training & Resource Center   (WTRC).  In September, I toured the WTRC sports complex with my friend, Don Ross.  The complex is the fulfillment of one part of AIA’s vision to share the gopsel through the world of sports.  Since athletes are heroes in our culture, AIA is striving to build a relationships to share the gospel, disciple, and equip people to fulfill Matt 28:18-20 through the door of sports.    Currently, the WTRC can provide housing for over 250 and banquet facilities for 500, as well as conferences and even family retreats.  Touraments and clinics for football, soccer, baseball, track and field, and softball are held nine months a year, all with chaplaincy services.  Challenge Courses are also available to provide any type of team-building experience.  All of this is to ultimately share the gospel and build ministry across the world.  In fact, over 80,000 were served in 2010.  The WTRC also plays an important role with the Global Teams where each project team completes their planning and training in Xenia.  In addition, the Global Team conducts coaching clinics for many sports serving coaches from around the world each year.

See it for yourself by contacting Erin Wellman at (937) 266-3883 or erin.wellman@athletesinaction.org.