For the least of these… / March 2013 Newsletter

Stories from Global Sports East Africa Jan 2013 Golf Project

One of the team’s most vivid memories is from  a one-hole golf course outside Nairobi, Kenya where 30 The least of these, Kibera Slum children from the Kibera slum received golf instruction and hope.  Despite living in the slum, they gained hope because Athletes in Action (AIA) shared a vision for changing their lives through sports.  Golf is very popular in East Africa, and it’s a great platform for One Hole Course, little girlteaching discipline and life skills.  The children also get out on a beautiful course in the Kenyan countryside every Sunday!  Our team taught, played, laughed and shared Christ with these children, so dearly loved by God.  That day the angels sang when several placed their faith in Jesus.  Five of “the least of these” had their names added to the Lamb’s book of life.  Amen!  The day ended with a one-hole tournament with all the children cheering and following down the fairway.  What a beautiful sight to see!One Hole Course Gallery  The project also blessed the children with golf clubs through our players and donors.  It was a special time all the way to the last putt.  This is how AIA’s Global Sports is changing lives throughout the world by supporting our teams like this one in East Africa.  There’s much more.  Did you catch “Taking it to the next level“?

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Taking it to the next level / February 2013 Newsletter

Several years ago, God gave What do you see, East Africaa vision for sharing His message of salvation through sports in East Africa.  Our staff responded by faith, and we witnessed the love of God at work, reconciliation and ministry in schools and health clinics changing lives in many settings, not just sports.

In January, AIA Global Sports was back in Uganda developing golf and other local ministry efforts when God decided to “take it to the next level”.  We received word that an official from the Ugandan Olympic Committee (UOC) wanted to meet.  At the meeting, the UOC representative announced Uganda wanted to invite Athletes in Action (AIA) to be the first official partner in developing their Olympic efforts over the next three years.

God has opened the door to assist Uganda in the development of their Olympic efforts in at least seven sports.  In doing this, AIA will be able to share God’s love and message of salvation with thousands of men and women.  According to AIA’s Global Sports Director,”We will help build expertise in athletes and walk along side them in the struggles they have on a day-to-day basis.”

What do you see, East Africa 2Would you please pray for our work in Uganda as well as our other 2013 Projects?  Together, we are making a difference by helping Global Sports staff and volunteers coordinate these projects and connect with those athletes, coaches and adults whom He wants to join us.

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10 Days in the Kenyan Sun

For ten days in January, AIA held the 1st Annual Athletes in Action Golf tournament in Kenya.  (Golfing for God in Kenya)  Our goal was to invite people from all walks of life to be reconciled to God and to receive the life which will  change generations to come.

The tournament hosted 75 Kenyan   golfers.  Former PGA Pro Wally Armstrong (Bio Video) was the featured instructor and speaker who shared his life in Christ.  The outing included planning for a youth golf organization whose purpose will be to combine golf instruction and spiritual development through the Kenya Golf Union for youth in the Kibera Slum of Nairobi.  A golfing clinic was held for 45 youth and adults.  The young man pictured (left) with Philip was a “diamond in the rough”.  They spent time on the range talking about golf, life, and what it means to know God.    Phillip was moved by the young man’s eagerness to soak up their teaching about golf and spiritual life. 

Please pray for the staff and volunteers who will be developing this program to give eternal life, hope, and purpose to youth who live in the Kibera Slum.  Resources for materials including golf clubs will be critical in developing  this program.  If you would like to help, please contact us.