Dreaming Big

I recently had the pleasure of joining AIA’s U.S. Soccer Director, Jim S. who, 15 years ago, followed God’s leading to start a ministry through the game of pro soccer.  It all started in Columbus, followed by connecting with teams in Kansas City, L.A., and then Dallas.  Jim has been known to say “Let’s Dream”.  Well it paid off; today there are over 20 AIA staff / volunteers serving as chaplains around the world of Major League Soccer (MLS).  Jim uses a simple model of building relationships and helping the team by affirming and encouraging both players and staff.  He visits the team once or twice a week.  One of those days Jim leads a Bible study, inviting anyone associated with the team to join.

The potential for world-wide ministry is easy to see.  There are 184 players representing 55 countries in the MLS.  Given that the number of youth playing soccer in the US has doubled since 1990, the opportunity is big!  During the 2010 World Cup Soccer competition, AIA was able to expose over 800 million people around the world to the gospel  through broadcasts and distributing DVD copies of “The Prize” .  See more about “The Prize” and how it was used to reach the world for Christ by reading our 2010 annual report (Page 7) at AthletesinAction.orgAs we serve on AIA’s Global Team, soccer will become an ever-expanding avenue to share the Gospel around the world. 

What is God asking you to dream about?