The Mission Continues

Given what most businesses and schools have experienced since March, it would be logical that sports ministry would be in the same boat. But God has opened unprecedented doors for ministry precisely because of the pandemic.

When Jesus told his disciples to pivot and they obeyed, (John 21:6) the result was unimaginable fruitfulness. Eric Nelson, director of Athletes in Action’s Sports T.E.A.M. division says, “Crises produce problems and opportunities. Our staff have stepped into this opportunity and are living out the pioneering missionary spirit that drew them to staff in the first place. Unprecedented connection with athletes and coaches around the world has been the resulting fruit. The strategies have changed, but the end goal has stayed the same. We are sharing the gospel, making disciples and sending people to be on mission through the virtual avenue.”    

The recent UTC Every illustrates this opportunity.  Athletes from 222 campuses and 27 countries participated in the first UTC Every, a shortened, digital version of our Ultimate Training Camp, which is held annually in several cities. A total of 925 people participated, including staff members and interns. At the conclusion, 293 people expressed a commitment to follow Jesus with their whole hearts.

One UTC Every camper said, “Volleyball has always played a huge part in my life…Being with AIA attending Winter Retreat and now UTC Every has had a tremendous impact on my life and how I lead my team. I’m forever thankful for the men and women who devote their lives to helping athletes like me grow close to God through their sport, but then also teach us how to use our sport as a platform to share the gospel and play for an Audience of One.” Thank you for your partnership with us in winning people to Christ, building them up in their relationship with Him and sending them out as laborers in the harvest. God is not limited by a pandemic. What He is accomplishing through your prayer and financial support of this ministry is amazing.  We are grateful!

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Praise God, for He is still the same today as yesterday! Let’s live out Ephesians 6:18 with each other. Your partnership makes a difference.