Uncommon Opportunities

Spring and summer breaks have become doorways through which hundreds of athletes and coaches begin a relationship with Christ or help others to do so.

Lucymar speaking

Lucymar, an intern in Puerto Rico (“Running with Purpose”) is currently finishing up the training she started with Karen last year. In March, she helped with a spring break AIA mission trip in San Juan. “During the week, we shared the gospel with a lot of students and some of them accepted Christ! Others accepted the challenge of getting involved in a discipleship group. I feel so much joy seeing them come to know Jesus. God was saying to me, ‘I have a plan and purpose for the athletes of this university.’ I’m so amazed at what God showed me.”

Each year God writes new chapters about how He is bringing the gospel to the world. Lucymar’s journey to faith and her growing vision for making a difference through sports for the sake of the gospel is at the heart of AIA’s vision for ministry: to see Christ-followers on every team, in every sport, in every nation.

Lucymar, beach

Sports TEAM, the division of AIA Rick works with, has been sending mission teams around the world since the ‘70s. In 2019 Sports T.E.A.M. will send 19 teams to 17 countries along with 15 projects in the U.S. As you might imagine, launching over 30 mission teams requires a great deal of teamwork involving many people and departments.

Over the last few years Rick’s role at AIA has continued to change based on the needs of the ministry. Today his role involves both providing insights through analytics and coaching or advising other staff to help them to fulfill their individual roles. Here are some recent examples of how Rick is assisting:

• Helping AIA to pursue operational excellence so that every dollar invested in the Great Commission goes farther and is more effective
• Developing digital media for recruiting and fund development
• Helping leadership to develop more effective strategic planning
• Helping make God’s name great through social media to build awareness and communicate about how athletes can help change the world

All of these projects will impact how AIA’s ministry adapts to the changing landscape of the world we are trying to reach for Christ and those we equip to have a lifetime of ministry.

We are deeply grateful for your partnership! Thank you for helping us mobilize labors for the harvest.

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