Running with Purpose

On a hot, sunny day in March 2016, Lucymar, a student athlete at the U. of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras was approached by students from Ohio U. on a spring break trip. They hadn’t come to soak up the sun, but to share about the Son and help start sports ministry there. They talked with Lucymar about knowing God, shared the gospel with her, and told her about Athletes in Action.


The next spring break, students returned and invited Lucymar to Extreme Challenge, AIA’s sports training camp that summer. “I didn’t understand God’s grace and my need to surrender all I am to Jesus,” she remembers, but after a week of camp, Lucymar went to church, “and ran to the front when an invitation was given to receive Jesus.”

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Her senior year, Lucymar’s faith grew through a discipleship group. She shared her faith with two of her teammates. At their track meets, Lucymar prayed for them and encouraged them to glorify and worship God through their competition. Next, she asked all her teammates to come to anAIA weekly meeting; then she invited all the athletes from her whole school! Soon Lucymar became the leader of evangelism for two ministries, and then the president of AIA on her campus. After graduation, she joined the staff of AIA so she can introduce many more athletes to Christ. Though Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, many are thirsty to know Jesus. Karen is currently coaching Lucymar as she finds a team of partners who will invest in her ministry through prayer and financial support.

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Please pray God will provide the support she needs to report to her assignment and for her training for the P.R. Olympic track team where she will use her influence for Christ. If you would like to help, visit Lucymar Garcia Famania.

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Please pray for our family as we grieve the loss of Karen’s mom on Jan 25th. Kathy’s obituary can be found at Kathy Gohmann

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