Creating Hope

As I write to you, AIA is holding our annual International Basketball Coaches’ Academy in Xenia, Ohio. This year we have 23 coaches from 16 countries. Every year we see God creating hope through the changed lives of those who attend. However, this is only the beginning. Each coach will impact the lives of players and staff back home every year going forward.

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Please pray for responsive hearts to God’s word!

At last year’s academy, Eggy, (Below in white t-shirt) a Mongolian coach found himself at the academy last year after decades of alcoholism and rejecting a life with Christ. He responded to an invitation from Ebi, an AIA staff member, with hopes of developing himself as a basketball coach. Halfway through the academy, Eggy shared that he was beginning to understand and desire a relationship with God. Ebi explained the gospel to Eggy and shared how he could know and have a personal relationship with God through placing his faith in Jesus. That night Eggy prayed and gave his life to Christ! We have since learned Eggy passed away suddenly this past summer. We celebrate God’s grace in giving Eggy life in Christ.


Speaking of creating hope, another AIA staff member recently attended an entrepreneur conference. Two statements stuck out to him; “Everything you create is rescuing someone” and “Take an interest in others.” In many ways that is what we do at AIA. We create hope in the lives of those we directly work with either by helping them know Christ or through assisting them in becoming the best athlete or coach and leader possible. This allows them to impact the lives of everyone in their circles in the future. Together we are creating hope in countless lives every year.

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