How do they do it? / July 2012 Newsletter

“The impression left by our players is so positive that it makes people wonder how they do it.  They are doing such a good job of living out their faith in word and action.”  Coach G.

It was evident that God was at work from the very beginning with the Brazilian Basketball Project.  Their focus on playing for an Audience of One clearly brought the team together for His purposes.  Even before leaving for Brazil, the team played a game in a maximum security prison where they engaged inmates on a personal level.  Andrew shared his testimony, and the inmates responded with a standing ovation.

God used this focus on serving Him and each other throughout the project, constantly drawing people to them to find out why the team was so different.  The response during the clinics?  “The kids loved it.  They just love to be close to our guys and they (the AIA team) do such a great job of demonstrating what a Godly man is supposed to look like.”  This made the athletes’ testimonies more effective with everyone attending.  Brazilian players and coaches made decisions to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior during the tour.  The Holy Spirit led the way using relationships and conversations at games, practices, or during after-game activities to open hearts to a relationship with Jesus Christ.  One Brazilian player/coach attended every game the team played for over a week and then accepted Christ.  (Photo Source:

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