“Circumstances may appear to wreck our lives …”

‘Circumstances may appear to wreck our lives and God’s plans, but God is not helpless among the ruins. Our broken lives are not lost or useless.  God’s love is still working.  He comes in and takes the calamity and uses it victoriously, working out His wonderful plan of love.’”  Eric Liddell

During the 1924 Olympics, England’s Liddell was favored to win gold in the 100 meters.  Then the heats were moved to Sunday.  No big deal right?  Not for Liddell.  He reserved Sundays for worship and rest to honor the Lord.  Liddell voluntarily withdrew, despite the consequences.  Ultimately, Liddell won two medals in the 200 and 400 meters.  See Liddell’s story in the movie Chariots of Fire.

Now, eighty-eight years later, Liddell’s legendary character and faith have become the inspiration for the first More Than Gold Legacy Breakfast held at the 2012 Olympics.  Athletes in Action co-sponsored the event which honored Debbie Flood and Bryan Clay for their character, sports excellence, and faith in Christ, as the first recipients of the Eric Liddell Award.  Several other Olympians also shared.

Depending on your source, 300 – 550 people heard how faith in Christ is far more important in life than medals and fame.  Only 300 out of 10,000 Olympians received a medal, but all will be heroes back home.  It’s our hearts desire that these heroes will be seen looking up to God as they live out their lives back home.

What appeared to be a disaster for Eric Liddell, God continues to use to His Glory.