To Share the Heart of God

I’d like to introduce you to Joel Greenfield, one of the new AIA staff members I am coaching as he prepares to report to his assignment with AIA volleyball. Joel grew up in California with several family members who encouraged his faith in Jesus. By the time he was in high school, sharing his faith was a passion, and so was sports. He played water polo, basketball and volleyball in high school and went on to play volleyball in college. Being cut from the team after his freshman year revealed that his sport had become an idol and he needed a reset. Now Joel helps other athletes learn to worship God through their sport, rather than worship their sport

Joel in black shirt on right working Volleyball Camp in South Asia.

In college Joel studied sports management and found that he loved coaching and also loved sharing his faith. As his involvement in ministry grew, he made the decision to invest his life in helping others know Jesus. An internship with Athletes in Action was the perfect place for him to pair his love for God with his love for sports; a place to pursue the vision of a Christ follower on every team, in every sport, in every nation.

Joel with student in South Asia.

During his internship Joel went on a volleyball mission trip to South Asia and a basketball mission trip to Alaska, coached high school volleyball and led Bible studies at a rehab facility for addicts. Then one of the graduates from rehab started going with Joel to lead a Bible study at a homeless shelter. Joel is eager to find a team of ministry partners and get back to serving with AIA volleyball full time. He says, “My sole purpose is to bring others to God. God has been teaching me consistency in prayer. He has me in a position where I MUST pray. I want to share the pain the Lord feels toward His creation. I want to share the heart of God.”

Joel in right and James from rehab study. (James in middle)

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