They dog piled him!

At a recent Athletes in Action Chapel, our AIA Baseball department shared results from their 2021 baseball teams. Athletes in Action Baseball has U.S. teams in three collegiate summer leagues; the Scouts in Xenia, OH, which is a part of the Great Lakes Collegiate League, the Rochester Ridgemen in New York, and a team near Anchorage, Alaska. Tim, the head coach of the Xenia Scouts, shared how he was struck by the number of guys who were growing spiritually on the Scouts team, and that a culture of spiritual growth and authenticity was the norm. He shared this: 

Coach Tim and Cameron

“Cameron accepted Christ in the early morning of July 2nd and has been transformed for Christ. He now knows who his Savior is and where his true identity comes from!

“Another player, Noah, also accepted Christ on July 2nd right before our game started at 7:00 pm. After batting practice, before the game started, I went to get ready for the game and pray. As I walked out to the parking lot, I noticed our Chaplain, Taylor, talking to Noah, one of our pitchers. For whatever reason, I knew that God was leading me to go up to him and just hug him. When I did, Noah immediately started to cry and went limp in my arms. I held him and then looked into his eyes and said “Noah, there is NOTHING wrong with you and our God loves you more than you can imagine.

“Right after that, Noah told us that he wanted to pray and accept Christ into his heart and make Him the Savior of his life. Both Taylor and I were a little shocked, but we could see in his eyes that he was ready! We prayed and then hugged him.

Coach Tim and Noah

“We went on to play one of our best games all summer and won the game. Afterward, we invited Noah to tell the guys that he accepted Christ into his heart right before the game. The team went CRAZY!!! They dog piled him, and all of them started to hug Noah! It was a sight that I will remember for the rest of my life!”

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