The Ripple Effect

We have all done it many times: thrown a rock into the water, fascinated by the ripple of waves moving away in all directions. Imagine a rock as big as a house going into the water. This only begins to illustrate Covid-19’s impact.

Ripple Effect Image

One estimate of the financial impact on sports alone is $600 million! How many ways will this delay impact people? It’s impossible to know, but it’s far more than we can count. All our lives have been disrupted.

In a Zoom call last week, we spoke with the athletic director (AD) of a major NCAA school who helped us understand the impact of Covid-19 on their sports programs, the school, the community, the families, the next school year and beyond. He shared how AIA’s ministry is needed now more than ever.

Our staff can help ADs and coaches to better care for all their athletes and staff by meeting their physical, mental and spiritual needs. AIA’s strategy of assisting in areas that are relevant to all opens the door to ministry

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in the public arena where we would not otherwise be welcome. AIA provides value-added services to EVERY athlete possible, and this will maximize the number who will have a chance to hear the gospel.

Though it seems the world has stopped, the Kingdom of God has not! Our staff are conducting small group discipleship and large group meetings virtually. One girl Karen coaches shared that Sacramento State and UC Davis have AIA groups that are now meeting together virtually, and they hope to add a third nearby university group. The fellowship among the athletes who didn’t know each other before has been an encouragement to them all.

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We are keenly aware that Covid-19 is impacting you and adding to challenges your family is facing. Please tell us how we can pray for you! We love you!

Please review our prayer page  and support needs and lift up our ministry to the Lord.  Click the following: April 2020 Newsletter to print a hard copy newsletter.

Praise God, for He is still the same today as yesterday! Let’s live out Ephesians 6:18 with each other. Your partnership makes a difference.