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This summer Rick assisted with an Ultimate Training Camp in Xenia, OH. At five U.S. locations, 385 high school and college students participated in this high-intensity sports camp created by AIA to help them learn to blend faith and sport on the field of competition. At each UTC we teach athletes five biblical principles regarding winning and losing, attitude, motivation, perseverance and how to worship God through their sports.

The athletes hear speakers, spend time in God’s Word, try out the principles in practical labs and finish out the week with a 20-hour sports competition (the SPECIAL) designed to help them meditate on what Jesus suffered to purchase their salvation.

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Caroline, a high school camper said, “God helped me battle negative thoughts and things I had put ahead of God in my life. He gave me strength for the SPECIAL.” Anita, her mom, enjoyed following along during the week through the blog (which Rick produced, you walk through the UTC by going to and said, “I am so proud of the girls for doing this. What a great experience for them!”

The intense SPECIAL helped Brooke at the Southern California UTC understand that “no matter how talented or motivated we are as athletes, we cannot carry our own burdens, and we must surrender and fully trust God.”

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This summer, 64 athletes made a first-time decision to surrender their lives to Jesus. Zin, from Rice University said, “the Holy Spirit has been tugging at my heart. I finally made the decision to listen and respond because of all the amazing people I met at UTC.” Zin had attended a weekly track Bible study, a small group and AIA events and felt she was almost “perfect” enough to have a relationship with Jesus. Ashley, an AIA staff member Karen had coached as an intern, told Zin, “You don’t have to be perfect, good enough or ready to have a relationship with Jesus; truth is, you never will be any of those things!” Zin was so relieved that Jesus already paid it all, and she left the UTC a new creation in Christ.

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