1 Million watched them in person!

Source: Reuters

A million spectators attended the trials and finals of the men’s and women’s road cycling races at the 2012 Olympics.  Cycling as a sport and recreational outlet continues to grow in popularity.  In the US, it’s strongest growth is in the larger cities and in the western states, especially among 25 to 64-year-old men.  So how popular is cycling?  Who does not know Lance Armstrong?   Yet, according to a 40 year veteran AIA staffer, “cyclists are the biggest unreached group in the world of sports.”

Source: Oakley.com

Imagine how many lives might be touched with the message of God’s love if Lance Armstrong were a Christ-follower?  Be encouraged; God is moving.   He has raised up an insider to this world who is starting a ministry through AIA Global Sports.

Todd competed in the world of cycling for six years before God called him into a ministry to his fellow athletes.  He is keenly in touch with the pioneering reality surrounding God’s call to this sport.  “Cycling is a very ego-driven sport

Source: BBC

because you are out there on your own and these guys have sacrificed so much of their lives in training for this sport that it is hard for them to rely upon anyone or anything other than themselves.”  However, Todd has connections to a  small core of talented upcoming cyclists who are Christ-followers.  This is critical to have an impact in cycling.  You must start at the top with the heroes everyone is trying to emulate.

We will share more about this new ministry.  In the meantime, please pray for Todd and all those who are stepping into this pioneering ministry.