Why Sports Ministry Matters

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino‘s moral failure is the latest high-profile example of why sports ministry is so critically needed in reaching people for Christ.  Can we begin to imagine the impact of Petrino’s decisions on his family, staff, athletes, fans and countless others?  It will be difficult to overestimate.  What’s worse is that moral failures are not isolated to college football; it’s occurring in most sports around the world.  Petrino and many other coaches and athletes have become heroes or role models.  Unfortunately, Coach Petrino’s choices will serve as a negative example.  What if someone had helped him to know and follow Jesus?

This is why Karen and I serve with the Global Sports Team of Athletes in Action (AIA), the sports-based ministry of Cru.  Since 1967, AIA has been sharing the good news, discipling athletes and coaches, and challenging them to use their influence to advance the kingdom of God.  Our mission is to have a Christ-follower on every team, in every sport, in every nation.  To fulfill this mission, AIA is winning athletes, coaches and sports fans to Christ, and they are changing the world.

Since athletes are heroes, those who know Jesus have unprecedented opportunities to be His ambassadors, and WE together with YOU, our ministry partners, get to help facilitate that.

If you want to learn more about AIA, our ministry or how to make a difference, go to Eternal Investments and contact us.